Library rules and general information

Library hours

University Library will be kept open from 10 AM to 5 PM on all working days.

The issue and return of books will be closed half an hour before closing the library and the members should leave the library 15 minutes before closing of the library.

Admission to the Library

Admission to the Library is restricted to the members only. But others, who are desirous of visiting the Library, may do so, with the permission of the University Librarian, or in his absence, of the senior most members of the staff of the library present.

Before entering the library, the Gate Register is to be signed by each member and the membership identity card shown at the counter. Private books and such other personal belongings are not permitted to be taken inside the library. They are to be deposited at the counter and a token obtained for them.


Membership of the library is open to the following categories:

  • Students, Teachers and Research Guides of this University and affiliated colleges.
  • Members of the Senate, Syndicate, Academic Council, Faculties and Board of Studies of Kannur University.
  • Non-teaching staff / retired persons of the University and its departments.
  • Students studying in the institutions situated in the jurisdiction of this University, but affiliated to other Universities.
  • Professionals, Scholars and Scientists working in recognized institutions within the jurisdiction of Kannur University.
  • Graduates of recognized Universities.
  • Persons holding Government recognized Diploma in Engineering.
  • SDE students

Procedure for membership

Application for membership is to be made in the prescribed form obtained from the Library. Applications of the students and teachers of this University and of the affiliated colleges shall be recommended by the Heads of the Departments or by the Principals of the Colleges as the case may be. Applications of the non-teaching staff of the statutory bodies of the University shall be recommended by the Registrar. Applications of Professionals, Scholars and Scientists working in recognized institutions shall be recommended by the Heads of offices concerned, with the undertaking that the staff will be relieved of duties only after getting the clearance certificate from the University Librarian.

In the case of regular students studying in the educational institutions situated within the territorial limits of the University but affiliated to other Universities in the State, Heads of their institutions shall certify to the effect that Hall Ticket to their University/public examination will be issued to them only if they produce a clearance certificate from the University Central Library. The applications of others' should be recommended by a Gazetted Officer with a declaration to the effect that the Gazetted Officer shall be personally responsible for and shall make good any loss that the library may suffer on account of the membership of the applicant.

Duration of membership

The duration of membership for different categories will be as follows:

  • The validity of membership for teachers, students, research scholars(HGCL), and staffs of Kannur University is 3 years and 1 year for all other categories like college teachers, college students, research scholars and graduate members.

Caution deposit

Caution deposit of Rs.500/- is payable at the time of admission. Regular teachers of the University departments and Non –teaching staff /pensioners of the university are exempted from the payment of caution deposit.

Smart ID Card

A smart ID card is provided to all members on remitting Rs. 50/-

Annual subscription

Annual subscription fee is Rs. 100/-. All members have to pay the annual subscription at the time of enrolments along with caution deposit. The subscription for subsequent years will fall due for payment on the expiry of one year from the date of payment of the previous years subscription by the member concerned. The Research scholars registered at the University Central Library and regular students of Teaching Departments of this University are exempted from paying the annual subscription.

Renewal of membership

Membership can be renewed for a further period provided that duly attested fresh application to this effect is submitted along with all the borrower’s tickets and Identity Card issued to them. No piecemeal renewal is allowed.

The application for fresh/renewal of membership shall be submitted within one month from the date of recommendations of the recommending authority.

Cancellation of membership

Membership can be cancelled at any time. In order to cancel membership all dues should be cleared and the Identity Card and borrower’s tickets issued have to be surrendered. After cancelling the membership, the caution deposit will be refunded on request. After six months of cancellation of membership, all unclaimed Caution Deposits will be forfeited and credited to Kannur University Fund without notice.

One person will be allowed to hold membership in on category only. The membership of a person enrolled in a particular category should automatically get cancelled when he ceases to be eligible for membership in that category. If continuance of membership is desired, a fresh enrolment in the changed category is necessary.

A member will be permitted to change his/her membership from one category to another only after returning the Identity Card and borrower’s tickets issued to him/her. The change of address of member should promptly be intimated to the University Librarian.

Loan privileges

Members are eligible to borrow books from the Library as follows:

a) Teachers & Research Scholars - 6 books
b) Others - 3 books

Period of loan

The books shall be issued for a period of one month for all members. It can be renewed for one more month via telephone or email ( on or before the due date. Reserved books cannot be renewed.

Overdue charges

Overdue charges of Rs.2/. per volume per day shall be levied for a book not returned on or before due date.

Members against whom any book is due or other charge is outstanding shall not be allowed to borrow books or withdraw the deposit until he pays the amount due. Failure to clear all outstanding dues within six months may invite forfeiture of membership.

Other conditions of loan

  • The University Librarian can recall the book and terminate the loan if required. If such books are not returned within the stipulated time, the borrower’s tickets against which the book is issued will be suspended/cancelled and non-compliance to this rule may lead to the cancellation of membership.
  • Periodicals, reference books, damaged books and rate and out of print books are not normally issued on loan.
  • Before leaving the counter, the member shall satisfy himself as to whether the book lent to him is in sound conditions and if not, shall immediately bring the matter to the notice of the staff on duty. Otherwise the member will be held responsible for any damage found afterwards.
  • Readers shall not write or damage or make marks on any book belonging to the Library. In case a book is damaged or lost, the borrower is required to replace the book by a latest or same edition or he will be required to pay four times the published price of the books plus 20% of the published price as procurement charges and also overdue charges if any as per rules.
  • Members themselves are responsible for the safe custody of their membership identity cards and borrower’s tickets. All losses shall be reported to the University Librarian at the earliest. Duplicate borrower’s ticket shall be issued only one month after receipt of loss report, against a payment of Rs. 20/- per borrower’s ticket. An indemnity bond is to be executed by the member for this purpose in the prescribed form before the issue of duplicate identity card and borrower’s ticket. Duplicate membership identity cards shall be issued one month after loss report against a payment of Rs. 50/-. But the members will be held responsible for any loss that the University Library may have to incur due to the misuse of their lost membership identity cards/tickets.
  • Books on loan may be reserved by other members by filling up a reservation card at the counter and affixing adequate postal stamps. Members will be informed by post as and when the book is ready for issue, which is to be collected within the specified period.
  • The borrower’s tickets and the membership identity cards are not transferable as they ate token of privilege that only the member for whom they are issued is entitled to. Sub-lending of books is misuse of this privilege and is to be avoided.
  • The library is a place of individual study and research and the members should therefore behave in such a way as is conducive to the working of the library.

i)    Strict silence is to be maintained within the library.
ii)   Smoking shall not be permitted within the library.
iii)  Cell Phones shall not be permitted within the library.